Water Treatment Plant

Water Treatment Plant

Water Treatment Plants offer a complete and cost effective skid mounted or containerized solutions for the production of drinking water. Our Treatment plant includes

  • Coagulation
  • Flocullation
  • Sand & activated carbon filtration
  • Polishing
  • Micro cartridge filters
  • Chlorination

  • Working

  • Raw water is pumped to the Water Treatment Plant
  • Chemical coagulants and floculents are added in order to settle down the solids present in water
  • Lamella plate clarifiers then facilitate the efficient settling and removal of solids from water
  • Pumps re-pressurize the water
  • Fine solids are then removed through dual media filters
  • Bacteria are killed by adding Chlorine
  • The water is then passed through Cartridge filters where all the left out residuals are removed resulting in clear, clean, and healthy drinking water

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